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If I were a number

It’s not that the number 5 has a bad temper nor that 6 is impulsive. Or at least this is what I think, since none of them are irrational. What makes you an irrational number, then? There are three requisites:

–    You need to be a number

–    You have to be a REAL number

–    You mustn’t be able to express yourself as a fraction of whole numbers (without decimals) different than zero.

If mathematics isn’t your league you may have forgotten what a whole was and you may be asking yourself how can a number not be real. Well, it can be. In fact, Descartes classified them deceptively as imaginary numbers. From here on, I suggest you turn to Wikipedia.

In a practical manner, irrational numbers are those that have never-ending decimals, like π, although, ones with repetitive decimals (91.919191…) are not. Despite this selective club’s image, the majority of numbers are irrational. 1 and 2 are considered rational, but there’s an infinity of irrational numbers between them.

In Mathland just a few are as obviously predictable as the round and cyclic 8 or this 3.333 that keeps going on and on like broken record, trapped for all eternity in a time short circuit. If round numbers were to be characters in a play, then they’d be  flat.

You really don’t care, do you? I know that you’re thinking that in the end these are all labels created by four guys with glasses which most of us just don’t manage to understand. This is not entirely false; I don’t know any mathematician that does not wear eyeglasses. In fact, I don’t know any mathematician.

Anyways, I think that humans are all the same. A few of us are rational and predictable. Just a few fits into the simpletons like fractions, while the rest, for right or wrong, demonstrate day-by-day just how irrational human beings can be. That’s why we have altruists and selfish people. Since we don’t always act in a logical manner we have an eternal decimal cue of memories, feelings and abstract ideas. Good luck with that.

If I’d been born a number, I would’ve liked to be irrational.


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